Let’s face it the Internet is beginning to come something we can’t live without, From running the home devices such as Tv’s, Computers, Playstations, Xbox and security systems without internet we can’t use these devices. With the NBN being active in most of the Bundaberg CBD and surrounding areas such as Svensson Heights, Bundaberg East, Bundaberg West, Thabeban and Bundaberg North its a quite common for people to still experience a so-called “Drop-out”. But what is a “Drop-out” and why do we experience them and how come some people experience them more so than others.

An official drop out is when your Internet Modem or Router, loses a stage called “Sync or DSL” depending on the manufacture of your Modem. Your modem requires 3 stages to officially connect to the internet.

  1. Power! Of course, the first stage is having your modem connected to power our best suggestion is ensuring it is connected via a surge protector as most modems can be quite expensive if a storm happens to strike your house and travel through your power points it can be one of the first devices to blow up.
  2. The next stage is “Sync or DSL” this process is proving that the internet can successfully travel through your telephone line leading into your house and wall socket. Most modems this light should either blink or provide a steady blink rate.
  3. Internet, This stage now Authenticate your Username and Password in which is given to you by your Internet Services Providers such as Telstra, Optus, Westnet, TPG or IInet. Once this light turns from either “Blank or Red” to Green your now able to connect to the internet. The remaining lights which are located on your Router are normally Wi-FI, LAN and Phone, These lights will only be green once they have been enabled or devices are plugged into the back of your Router.



NBN Drop outs No Sync


I’m losing internet or Experiencing Dropouts?

Are you experiencing Drop outs constantly? To be classified as a “Drop-out” you will notice on your Router or Modem that your “DSL/Sync” light will have gone from Green to either Red or Blank. And you should have also lost the Internet light. This is now telling you there is a number of possible faults  first being a possibility your Modem or Router could have a possible problem causing it to lose sync or DSL. Secondly the cable coming from the telephone socket or wiring going from your house to up the street. If your Router or Modem has the DSL and Internet lights are still Green we would start to check a number of things in your household or office such as;

  • Are your devices connected via Wi-Fi to the Modem/Router?
  • Where is the modem located? is it near Microwaves, Tv’s, Brick walls etc.
  • How old is the Modem or Router?
  • Is it a brand named modem such as Netgear, Tp-Link, D-link or is it one provided by your Internet Service Provider?
  • How long is the cable coming out of the Telephone socket in your house that leads to your Modem or Router?
  • Is the modem near large aerials or Radio controlled devices?

For further information regarding Internet Drop-outs please get in touch with us we provide a range of Internet repair services and have all the equipment to test all your lines which Telstra uses on a daily basis’s. We can also locate problems on your line leading onto the Telstra or NBN network. Click Here to be taken to our contact page or To view our Telecommunication Services Click Here.