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Website Design Services Bundaberg

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For the best in Computer Repairs Bundaberg Choose us! We offer the best in Mobile Computer Repairs in and around the Bundaberg Region. We fix all computer issues ranging from Computer not turning on, slow operating computer, computer virus, computer shutting down, blue screen on desktop computer and hard drive problems, We carry out repairs in the convince of your home or office which means you don’t have to lug your computer around Bundaberg trying to find a Computer Repair Shop. We only use the best in Replacement Computer Parts with brands such as Thermaltake, Western Digital, HP, ASUS, AMD, Intel, and Seagate just to name a few all at affordable prices we doubt you’ll find anyone else in Bundaberg who offers what we can!

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Website Design

[cws_sc_divider divi_style=’custom’ width=’120′ add_plus=’1′ height=’1′ border_style=’dashed’ color=’#d9d9d9′ alignment=’left’ margin_top=’0′ margin_bottom=’15’]A perfectly designed Website can help your business showcase what services or products you have to offer! We understand the needs of what people are looking for when they come to find your business online. Each website that we design is built to ensure it meets the requirements of not only our clients but also the requirements that are needed to ensure a webpage is effectively operating online.

  • Computer or Mac Not Turning On
  • Computer Displaying Blue Screen or Keeps Shutting Down
  • Virus & Spyware Removal From Desktop Computer or Mac
  • Hard Drive or Solid State Drive Installation
  • Slow Running Computer or Mac

[/cws-widget][/col][/cws-row][cws-row cols=2 id=”cols2″ margin_top=”70″ margin_bottom=”70″ atts='{“row_style”:”fullwidth_background”,”equal_height”:”1″,”content_position”:”top”,”paddings”:{“top”:”90″,”bottom”:”90″},”section_border”:”none”,”customize_bg”:”1″,”bg_media_type”:”none”,”bg_color_type”:”color”,”font_color”:”#535353″,”animate”:”0″,”bg_color”:”#f2f2f2″,”bg_color_opacity”:”100″}’][col span=6][cws-widget type=text atts='{“border_style”:”solid”,”border_color”:”#28a6ec”,”customize_bg”:”0″,”animate”:”0″}’]

E-Commerce Website Design

[cws_sc_divider divi_style=’custom’ width=’120′ add_plus=’1′ height=’1′ border_style=’dashed’ color=’#d9d9d9′ alignment=’left’ margin_top=’0′ margin_bottom=’15’] Want a cost effective way to speed up your slow running Computer? Upgrade to a Solid State Drive/SSD it can be a simple and effective way to drastically improve the performance of your computer. However if you don’t wish to upgrade to a SSD Drive we can still supply SATA based hard drives for Desktop Computers, Macs and Laptops. We also offer a range of Data Recovery Services so if your Computer isn’t turning on due to a failed hard drive chances are we can extract the data from your hard drive and supply you with a brand new hard drive.

    • Desktop Hard Drive Upgrades SSD & Sata Drives
    • Data Recovery Services Carried out in Bundaberg
    • Apple Mac Hard Drive Upgrades and Replacements
    • All Leading brands of Hard Drives such as Samsung, Western Digital, Seagate and more!

[/cws-widget][/col][col span=6][cws-widget type=text atts='{“border_style”:”none”,”border_color”:”#237dc8″,”customize_bg”:”0″,”animate”:”0″}’]Hard Drive Upgrades Bundaberg[/cws-widget][/col][/cws-row][cws-row cols=1 id=”cols1″ margin_top=”70″ margin_bottom=”70″ atts='{“row_style”:”fullwidth_background”,”equal_height”:”1″,”content_position”:”top”,”paddings”:{“top”:”90″,”bottom”:”90″},”section_border”:”none”,”customize_bg”:”1″,”bg_media_type”:”none”,”bg_color_type”:”color”,”font_color”:”#535353″,”animate”:”0″,”bg_color”:”#d8d8d8″,”bg_color_opacity”:”100″}’][col span=12][cws-widget type=text atts='{“border_style”:”none”,”border_color”:”#237dc8″,”customize_bg”:”0″,”animate”:”0″}’]Graphic Card & Ram Updates Bundaberg[/cws-widget][cws-widget type=text atts='{“border_style”:”solid”,”border_color”:”#28a6ec”,”customize_bg”:”0″,”animate”:”0″}’]Ram & Graphic Card Updatescws_sc_divider Do you use your Desktop Computer for Video Editing, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Video Gaming? You might find depending on your current system it may struggle to keep up with you at times when editing photos, videos or playing games. This could come down to a number of things however two of them could be your RAM (Random Access Memory) or Graphics Card (Video Card) while all computers have onboard video cards by adding an additonal video card you can greatly increase the overall performance of your computer as well as play the latest video games which require a computer system with a high amount of specifications. The next part to upgrade or replace will be your RAM most computer systems will come with at least 8GB of Ram standard today. However if your using your system for gaming we would recommend increasing this to at least 16GB to help your systems resources. Talk to us today about Graphics card and Ram Upgrades today we provide FREE Quotes. We supply the best brands in Graphics Cards such as Nvida and AMD All the best brands in Ram such as Cougar, G-Skill and more Easily Upgrade the performance of your Desktop Computer for work or play[/cws-widget][/col][/cws-row][cws-row cols=1 id=”cols1″ margin_top=”70″ margin_bottom=”70″ atts='{“row_style”:”fullwidth_background”,”equal_height”:”1″,”content_position”:”top”,”paddings”:{“top”:”90″,”bottom”:”90″},”section_border”:”none”,”customize_bg”:”1″,”bg_media_type”:”none”,”bg_color_type”:”color”,”font_color”:”#000000″,”animate”:”0″,”bg_color”:”#24b0e2″,”bg_color_opacity”:”100″}’][col span=12][cws-widget type=text atts='{“border_style”:”none”,”border_color”:”#237dc8″,”customize_bg”:”0″,”animate”:”0″}’]Power Supply Updates Bundaberg[/cws-widget][cws-widget type=text atts='{“border_style”:”solid”,”border_color”:”#28a6ec”,”customize_bg”:”0″,”animate”:”0″}’]

Power Supply Updates

[cws_sc_divider divi_style=’custom’ width=’120′ add_plus=’1′ height=’1′ border_style=’dashed’ color=’#d9d9d9′ alignment=’center’ margin_top=’0′ margin_bottom=’15’] One of the most critical parts of your computer is the Power Supply Unit or PSU for short. As your aware it provides power to your computer without it your computer doesn’t operate, depending on what you use your computer for is how we can work out how big your PSU needs to be to ensure each component gets the requried power it needs to operate. If your using your computer for gaming or heavy video editing etc you will generally have a high spec PSU however if your just using your computer for everday tasks such as Word editing, Emails etc your standard PSU can handle this without a problem. Like any part there can come a time when your PSU can fail and this is when you can upgrade your unit to a well known brand such as Cougar PSU it’s still cost effective and once replaced your computer will work like normal.

        • Power Supply Upgrades
        • Custom Gaming System Builds with Powerful Power Supply Units
        • We use only the best brands for Gaming and Performance based computer systems

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Looking for a Computer Repair Service we don’t list? Get in touch with us using the below form or contact details. We are always expanding our services and undertaking training to enhance what we offer. We’re a local business who strives to provide the best service to each and everyone of our clients.

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Bundaberg IT Solutions Contact Details

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Address: Bundaberg QLD, Australia 4670
Email:[email protected]
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