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Let’s face it Technology can be so difficult to keep up with, You buy a mobile phone today and 3-6 months time it can be outdated or there are new models being released. So how do you keep up with ensuring your Computers, Laptops, Routers, iPads and other devices remain updated and secure to use on a daily basis be it for work or at home.

Do you remember to perform weekly backups and antivirus scans? I mean it’s hard enough trying to run and manage a small business already without dealing with a computer suffering from a virus infection. Bundaberg IT Solutions offer Managed Technology Services in which we can become your very own IT Department who you call when you need help.

We have the software that can be installed onto your devices to monitor all of the  critical aspects to minimize small problems before they become a big problem and affect your business.

Computer & Laptop Management and Monitoring

Are you currently using a local computer shop in Bundaberg to fix your Computers or Laptops when an issue occurs? Are you calling on them more than usual? Maybe it’s time you look at getting them Managed correctly. We have dedicated solutions and software to manage your Computers and Laptops the right way

  • Computer & Laptop Monitoring get notified when a problem occurs
  • Asset Management on Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones and other technology
  • Get onsite visits from out technicians to get 1 on 1 time to explain any further issues you have with your technology
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring we fix your problems before you know.
  • Flat rate support – any additional IT support you require is discounted

New Business Setup & Support

Looking to set up a new business? Get in touch with us we can provide you with a range of solutions that can help with setting your business up to succeed, From computers, software or website services we do it all at Bundaberg IT Solutions and we don’t just do the setup we also provide ongoing support. For the best in Business Technology Support and Setup solutions in the Bundaberg Region contact us today.

    • New Business Setups & Support
    • Supply all of your new Business technology
    • On going support and guidance on the best ways to use your equipment
    • Setting Small Business’s up in Bundaberg to Succeed

Cloud Computing Services Bundaberg

Cloud Computing Solutions can open your business to a number of advantages compared to traditional IT such as operating your own Computer Server which can be costly to operate and maintain on a yearly basis. Cloud computing is scalable meaning you can go as large as you need, You have no limits when it comes to storage! it’s easier to manage you don’t have to have a skilled technician to operate your server. Downtime is nearly a thing of the past with cloud if something fails the system essentially repairs its self so you don’t even notice

      • Cost Effective To Your Business
      • No Limits on Your Business
      • Little to no downtime on your Business

Managed IT Security

Did you know it takes on average an organisation 197 days to identify a breach of its security? and then a further 69 days to contain it! Let’s think about it your business’s data has just been viewed by a hacker for the past 197 days! All of your customer’s information which could also include bank details and more all now in the hands of thousands of hackers and scammers. Pretty scary right! Managed IT Security doesn’t cost the world and let’s face it at what price do you put on your business’s information and your customer’s data? We have the solutions and software to get your business secure! talk to us today for an onsite assessment of your current Security.

        • 24/7/365 Monitoring keeping your data safe
        • Antivirus, Spyware & Ransomware Protection
        • Cost effective for business no matter the size

Awesome customer service. Will always use as my first call for any problems. Great job thanks Beau

Deb Woodford Love

Amazing quick service. Very professional and reliable. Great customer service. Definitely can’t recommend them enough. Thank You for the amazing job fixing my phone screen. Life savers

Katlin Moore