Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Bundaberg IT Solutions Data Recovery service comes as one of the best in the Widebay area. It’s quite common nowadays that once something doesn’t quite work that we look for a quick repair solution? And a quick Google search on “Data Recovery” you will find a whole list of programs that promise you that quick fix for a fee.

But what everyday people don’t understand is that a lot of these programs are possibly going to cause more damage to your precise Data or Hard Drive. Slow running Hard Drives or Hard Drives Making Noises are just some of the signs that your Data is in DANGER! other signs can include;

  • Upon plugging in your Portable Hard Drive into a Computer, It then begins to make the computer run really slow.
  • The computer is really slow to start up or slow to do simple tasks such as open a web page.
  • Plugging the Portable Hard Drive into your Computer then trying to open files for it then to ask you to format the Hard Drive or USB Drive.

While this is just some of the everyday problems we come across we are always cautious when it comes to dealing with Data Recovery. Depending on the nature of the Hard Drive we can attempt the recovery on-site in the comfort of your home or office or we can do a FREE Pick-up and Dropoff service so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Unlike Data Recovery Programs found on the internet we don’t charge if we are unsuccessful in recovering your data, And with that being said we will be the first to admit that not all DATA can be recovered. We have had cases in which we have referred clients to specialized centers in Brisbane which charge thousands of dollars and they were still unable to recover data.

if you have suspicions of your Hard Drive, Portable Hard Drive, SSD Hard Drive, or USB Flash Drive is failing please get in touch with us as soon as possible we advise you to stop trying to use the device until we get a technician in contact with you.

  • No-Obligation Quotes For Data Recovery and Hard Drive Upgrades
  • Free Pickup and Dropoff Services
  • We Don't Charge if We Can't Recover Your Data

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