When offering a service such as Samsung Mobile Phone Repairs Bundaberg we took into account not only offering the best possible prices on repairs and to also ensure that we provide only the Highest quality of replacement parts when used to repair your Samsung mobile phone. With there being a number of mobile phone repair shops in Bundaberg sure it comes to a decision of where do I get my phone repaired and why? Well,that’s one question that we can’t answer for you, but we can indeed try to help you make the best choice!.

We carry out an extensive range of Samsung Mobile Phone Repairs including, but not limited to,

  • Glass only screen repairs
  • LCD replacements
  • Speaker Replacements
  • Ribbon Replacements
  • No sound issues
  • Wifi isn’t turning on
  • Firmware issues
  • Mainboard issues
  • Water damage
  • Camera not turning on

This is only a small list of common problems which we have resolved for our clients, we are always constantly trying to ensure we keep fair prices as well as ensure we have a good stock level to ensure we can get your Samsung phone repaired as soon as possible. While getting your Samsung mobile phone repaired through Bundaberg IT Solutions will void your warranty as we are not an authorized repair center, we do offer a great warranty on all repairs carried out.

We don’t encourage our clients or for that fact any person to either “ROOT’ or interfere with the Samsung software as this can as a result end up damaging or simply bricking your phone to leave it unusable. We will not provide this as a service to our clients and we will not guarantee in getting a phone to work successfully.