Are You Constantly Facing Computer Problems Your Unsure About?

Bundaberg IT Solutions offer Managed Computer Services to assist with resolving your Computer Problems when they arrise.

Emisoft Antivirus & Anti-Malware

Emisoft Scans faster with two detection engines than most products do with just one. Surf Protection, Dual Engine File Guard, Behavior Blocker ensure optimum protection.

Real Time Monitoring & Alerts

Constantly scanning all downloaded
and started fi les, using two scanners and more than 10 million detection patterns. Online Banking Protection Keeps fraudsters away from your money
by hardening your browser software.

Quickly Request Assistance

To immediately contact us for help, click Request Service and enter your contact information.We’ll get in touch with you to discuss the best solution

Installation & Removal of Programs

If you have unwanted programs installed on your device we are able to remove them remotely meaning you don't even have to move your device.

Proactive Alerts

If our monitoring software finds an issue, it will notify you so you can contact us for service

Windows Updates

Struggling to keep your device updated with the latest Windows updates? No problem we can schedule your device to carry out the updates at a time when your not using the device.

What are your Technicians able to see when monitoring my device?

You may be thinking, But wait can't the technician see my screen and see what i can see? The simple answer No, The only time we can see what your seeing is if you grant us permission and this must be done each time.
  • Hard Drive Health, Constant Monitoring to alert us once a problem is detected.
  • Anti-Virus Installed, Constantly ensuring your Anti-Virus software is installed and working.
  • Application Monitoring, Detects when a program crashes or experiences problems
  • Hard Drive Storage, We can alert you when your hard drive is reaching its full capacity.
  • Firewall Enabled, Instant alerts if for some reason your Firewall gets disabled
  • Fragmentation, Once your device requires Fragmentation we will alert you and organize a time when the device is not in use to compelte.

Instant Alerts To Security Breaches

Your safety online has never been more important!
With our Managed Antivirus protection we get real time alerts once a breach has been detected. This allows us to either notify you of the issue or we get the breach resolved promptly to allow full protection to be restored to your device promptly.

We can set scans to be done Daily, Weekly or Monthly and at convenient times when the device is not being used to ensure the device isn't slowed down while you are using it.

We can be notified if the Antivirus software detects that Real time monitoring gets disabled or Internet surfing protection gets disabled for any reason.

So How Do I Request For Help?

Let us start assisting you now! Choose from one of three packages to assist with your Managed Computer Services

Basic Package

Monitoring Package & Antivirus

The Complete Package

Just A Dolloar!!!
Every Month
Every Month

Easily Allows You To Report Problems From Your Desktop

Managed Antivirus Software including free removal of viruses

The Complete Package

Notification when problems are detected on your computer

Proactive Monitoring and service communications

FREE Computer Cleanout if dropped off at our location

Free Installation & Configuration of our Software

Free Installation & Configuration of our Software

Free Installation & Configuration of our Software

Receive Free Callbacks once you submit a request for help.

Receive Free Callbacks once you submit a request for help.

Receive Free Callbacks once you submit a request for help.

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