It’s come at no surprise that Zelda is topping the charts again with it being said in the United States Nintendo announced they sold 906,000 consoles in March, However even more surprising is that 925,000 sales of the popular Breath of Wild by The Legend of Zelda were recorded in that same month.While Nintendo’s Wii U console had recorded 460,000 sales of the game it has said to have grossed more than 1.3 million dollars in sales alone.

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Source: Games Free Zone

Breath of Wild is now the fastest-selling Nintendo title of all time and also the fastest-selling Legend of Zelda game ever! Nintendo has said that it thinks the Switch attach rate of more than 1oo% may be because people who purchased a limited edition version to collect and a regular version to actually play. Another theory was that some purchased the game before they could actually find the console in stock.

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Nintendo is currently working consistently hard to ensure they can keep up with the demand for the Switch console, Nintendo said in a statement they were planning to ship more than 2 million switch consoles in March with plans to increase production plans for the current physical year to a staggering 16 million units! It’s being said Nintendo will be releasing its earnings in the next couple of weeks which will be sure to reinforce all of this information and popularity of the console.


Nintendo Switch Console Black
Source: Eb Games Australia


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Apple has been forced to issue an immediate global update of its popular iOS after the discovery of sophisticated breach was discovered

It has been said that hackers from the NSO Group have developed a piece of malware that has breached three previously unknown vulnerabilities in Apple’s iOS operating system used in the popular iPhone.

After learning of the attack Apple was quick to release an immediate update which is said to once again keep your device secure for the time being, Apple is urging people to update their iPhones urgently to the latest version of iOS to help prevent infection.

Apple stated “We were made aware of this vulnerability and immediately fixed it with iOS 9.3.5. We advise all of our customers to always download the latest version of iOS to protect themselves against potential security exploits,”.

Reports carried out by New Joint revealed that mobile security companies Citizen Lab and Lookout said this was the first of this kind of attack in the wild. Lookout vice president of research Mick Murry has said that the hack was that of a remote Jailbreak virtually the process of removing software restrictions in what have been imposed by iOS.


The logo of the Israeli NSO Group company is displayed on a building where they had offices until a few months ago. Picture AP/Daniella Cheslow

“Literally a click on a link to jailbreak an iPhone in one step. It is one of the most sophisticated pieces of cyberespionage software that we have ever seen”

Mr Murry has said that the malware, Which has been Code named “Pegasus”, Gave attackers full control of the smartphone. It basically steals all the information that is on the iPhone, it takes all calls, steals all messages, emails, contacts and Facetime calls. Established in 2010, NSO has become notorious for selling its sophisticated malware to government agencies, However the group works largely in stealth, operating without any presence online.

It’s been said that trying to break down the malicious malware was equivalent to diffusing a bomb!, Citizen Lab researcher Bill Marczak stated,”It’s amazing the level they’ve gone through to avoid detection.”

While the NSO Group won’t be able to use this type of attack anymore, It’s said it won’t be long until another is developed and begins to infect the Apple Devices again.

To update your Apple iPhone go to Settings > General > Software Update

Still unsure of how to update your iPhone? Contact the team at Bundaberg IT Solutions (07) 4154 3507 or Click Here.

When it comes to PC games, we need more and more speed and performance. With time modern games are increasing their performance. So we need more powerful hardware to gain the perfect performance. But upgrading your hardware regularly can be much expensive when you trying to cope with the latest games. If you don’t have the budget for the new gear or just trying to get more from your hardware, overclocking your device is a best option. To boost the performance of your system, you can overclock graphics card, your system memory and Processor. Assuming your PC has a suitable processor and decent memory inside, when it comes to game performance, graphics card has the largest impact.

Interested? Here we’ll show you how to overclock your graphics card easily using some free tools which will work on a huge range of graphics cards. With a little knowledge and some patience, you can easily enjoy the amazing features of an overclocked graphics card.


overclock graphics card



Before you begin

Your system stability, cooling system, power supply process are the most important things to consider before even making your mind to overclock graphics card.

An overclocked graphics card can run above its main frequency and stock GPU. As a result you will get higher performance, higher power and more heat. Modern graphics cards have effective cooling system with capability to maintain at least some level of overclocking. You may need to add an additional cooling system if your CPU is already overheating.


additional-cooling-system-overclock graphics card



Now different tools are available to monitor your system temperature. Most motherboard manufacturers have tools available to calculate the temperature of the mother board. And you can use BIOS to see the temperature reports.


mother-board-temperature- from-BIOS-overclock graphics card


We will discuss “GPU” utilities little later that will also inform you “GPU temperature“. What should be the right temperature of a overclock graphics card? The answer of this question varies from card to card. But you always have to keep the temperature below 90°c.

When you overclock a graphics card, it needs more power consumption to run the “Card GPU” and “memory” at high frequency and offer more performance than before. If your “PSU” (Power Supply Unit) is already running its high limits, an overclock graphics card can make your system unstable. Or in worst case, your “PSU” can be damaged. You can easily check the power consumption by using a cheap power meter. Or you can use a virtual power calculator ( to calculate your approximate power consumption.


virtual-power-supply-calculator-overclock graphics card


Overclock your graphics card when  the system is stable and functional. You should not ignore any error of your system even if it occurs occasionally. Because a little system error could be a first sign of a major problem. If you have any fault in your OS (Operating System), you should not overclock graphics card. Because it may ends up with system failure.

You should update your graphics drivers and measure the performance of your graphics card, before overclocking it. Because if your overclocked graphics card can’t reach your expectation but your PC is getting more Lauder and hotter, than you have to give yourself a big thanks. Because you tried. Updating your graphics drivers to latest version can solve various problems with new released games.

At last, you should keep in mind that overclocking your graphics card can shorten its life time. Especially when you force the card’s voltage to its limit to get high frequency. Keeping the temperature in control and not touching card’s voltage can give your overclock graphics card a long life.

Depending on the card’s manufacturer and model, sometimes overclocking can void warranty.


Overclocking Tools

Many graphics card manufacturers and developers has free software to overclock graphics card.

AMD Corporation has an overdrive tool right into their driver suit named “Catalyst”. Which can easily be found in “performance” tab in “Catalyst Control Panel”. “Gigabyte” has a software called “OC Guru Utility”, “EVGA” offers “Precision”, “MSI” has its “After Burner” among others. This software are free and can be used with a large range of cards, not only with its manufacturer’s graphics cards.


Gigabyte-OC-Guru-and-precion-overclock graphics card


Here we are going to use “MSI Afterburner Utility” to overclock graphics cards. The utility is based on “Riva Tuner Engine”. This utility is under development for ages.


msi-afterburner-overclock graphics card


Download the tool from MSI’s official website and install it. Basically using “Afterburner Utility” is straight forward and very easy. After launching the application, it will search the system and identify your graphics card. Generally “Afterburner Utility” is comfortable with any AMD or Nvidia made graphics card.

When it’s ready, the software will give you a detailed interface with some sliders for “GPU and memory frequencies“, “fan curves“, “temperature data“, “current clock speed“, “alternating power targets“. There is a by default “disabled voltage slider” to tweak GPU voltage. You have to enable “Afterburner” advanced menu which can be accessed by clicking the icon located in the middle of the interface and checking the boxes to access “Voltage Control and Monitoring”.


afterburner-access-voltage-slider-overclock graphics card


For basic, it’s not recommended to mass with GPU voltage. Because too much voltage can damage your overclock graphics card immediately. Generally 1-2 mille voltage are safe but no one can give you any guarantee.



The overclocking process

You should run some benchmark to have a basic information of your unchanged system. There are a lot of benchmark tools available. But you can use “Heaven Benchmark or “Valley Benchmark” tools.


heaven-and-valley-benchmark-overclock graphics card


And if you like you can run some in-game benchmark. You can Search Google to see your Graphics cards in-game benchmark results.

To overclock your graphics card using “Afterburner”, lunch the application and enhance the “Temperature and power consumption” limits. If you are using a “Radeon” graphics card, you may only able to increase the power limit. In most cases, setting the temperature below 90°c and a 10% boost in power target should work. But if you want to avoid any risk, you can leave them unchanged.


increasing-temp-and-power-limit-overclock graphics card


During the process of overclocking your graphics card, it’s recommended to alternate your memory and GPU clocks separately to identify any possible issue.

Slowly start increasing the GPU clock speed by 10MHZ at a time. After increasing the speed save the change and use “Haven Bench marking tool” to detect any system or graphical errors such as sparking light, color blobs or other visual artifacts. If you can’t find any problem, then increase the speed another 10MHZ. Now again repeat the process. When you notice any artifacts, turn the clock speed down till the artifacts disappear. Now note the final clock speed and reset the graphics card back to its normal speed.


increasing-GPU-memory-clock-speed-overclock graphics card


Now apply the same process for the graphics card’s memory clock speed.

When you have both clock speeds noted, set the GPU and memory both to those speeds and save the change. Now check the stability of your system again. If everything seems ok, you are ready to enjoy your overclocked graphics card. But if you notice any visual artifacts while checking, just turn the frequencies down a few MZ (Mega Harz) and test the stability again.

While overclocked, if your system remains stable but overall performance of the graphics card decreases, reduce the both clock speed till the performance increases along with the clock speed. Now new generation “GeForce GTX” graphics cards need more monitoring then before cards. Because modern “GeForce GTX” graphics card has capability to automatically tune their performance with “Nvidia GPU Boost”. The “GPU boost” increases the clock speed until it comes to a certain temperature.


GPU-Boost-overclock graphics card


If you try to edit every variable, overclocking your graphics card can get complicated. In addition to change the “power and GPU temperature” frequency you should use balanced value because of “GPU Boost”. Sometimes increasing clock speed or voltage can be seemed like worked perfectly. But the overall performances decreases as a result of some errors. If you face any problems when overclocking a “Nvidia GeForce graphics card” with “GPU boost”, you just have to use it till it’s (safety) worked out.

Now Radeon graphics card users have the ability to change its power limits. But the adjustments of its clock speed are more perfect.


The Result

Here we overclocked two graphics cards and saw a measurable performance from both of them.

The “AMD Radeon” has the largest in-game performance but the “Nvidia GeForce GTX” has the biggest clock speed boost in frequency gain.  At “Bundaberg It Solutions” we used a system which had “Intel Core i7” inside, “32GB RAM” and it was running “Windows10 Pro x64”to test the graphics cards. Our graphics drivers were updated and we used high resolution with max quality settings.

Ultimately, we overclock graphics card to gain more performance. Besides higher performance we have to face some overheating issue and the graphics card is going to need more juice then before to give you the high performance.

If you can keep the temperature issue in control then changing your graphics card’s clock speed shouldn’t be an issue. Changing the voltage of your graphics card can reduce its life time. But proper amount of voltage and a comfortable graphics card can give you its best performance. You just have to learn enough about it before starting.

After going through this process, if you’re not sure or don’t want to take any risk about overclocking your graphics card and still having issues with your graphics card, its may be a time to get professional help. The team at “Bundaberg It Solutions” are proud to have the proper resources and well experienced professionals to solve any graphics card problems and keep your PC safe. You just have to contact us. If you want to upgrade/change/fix your graphics card, you can always contact us by clicking here.

If you can’t find what you are looking for or have any question, suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We always have enough time to listen to you and take your suggestion positively to make our tutorial more resourceful.

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In our modern life we are happily reliable on “Windows OS” (Operating System) and many devices of our daily life especially our windows PCs using Windows OS to make our life more easy and enjoyable. Microsoft Corporation making windows more and more user friendly with each successful release.  But unfortunately Bugs, Glitches and windows problems will always be a part of it.  And every day we are facing this unusual problems with our reliable windows operated devices. It’s true but a sad fact that over time, no Windows operated PC performs fluently without any problem. Many of this problems are out of your control but others can easily be solved by any windows PC user. In this tutorial we covered some common problems that can happen with your windows operating system.


Windows problems-logo



My Windows PC is freezing


A windows Operating System can be freeze by many reasons and it is a common PC problem. Usually any kind of malicious software or high temperature can cause the problem. A malware can easily be installed in your operating system without any notification. Generally a malware’s favorite installation method is through exploiting browsers. “” is now poplar for using browser exploitation to get internet traffic. You can check out our “” malware removal tutorial to remove “” from your PC.


MyStartSearch-Windows problems


If your PC gets attacked by malware there are a few things you can do about it. Some malicious software’s can so badly write themselves in yours operating system that they can cause all types of windows problems. Removing them can be a worst night mare for you. You can use some anti-malware software like “Malwarebytes” to remove any malware.




But sometimes you may not be able to remove them all. In this case you have to reinstall your Windows Operating System.

But before taking steps to reinstall your OS you need to check the dust level of your case. Because dusts work like insulator and over time can decrease the cooling power of your Operating System’s cooling fans.


Windows problems-dust-blocked-cooling-fan


A bottle of compressed air could be a solution of your problem. Triggering the compressed air from short distance can take care most of the problem.

Over time, because of the vibration  a PC case can lose some cable connections. And this situation can cause some windows problems. So, make sure that, there are no loose cable in your case.

And for last, if you are enjoying the overclocking feature of your “CPU” or “GPU”, you may need to turn down the clocking speed to solve a windows problem like “Freezing”.



My PC is showing a Blue Screen Error


Most of the Blue screen Errors can be caused by beta GPU drivers or an overclocked CPU. But feel free to google the specific error massage.


Blue-Screen-of-Death-Windows problems


In windows operating GPU versions are always changing and sometimes a beta version can be shaky. You should uninstall these drivers. In order to find and uninstall the drivers you have to go to the “control panel” and click on “Programs” (in windows 10 and 8) or “Add or Remove programs” (in windows 7). Now you have to find the GPU driver and uninstall it.


gpu-driver-uninstall- windows problems



Then reboot your windows and access your GPU manufacturer’s website and find an older non beta version GPU driver and install it. Forgot to write the “BSOD” (Blue Screen of Death) error massage? Click here ( to see Blue Screen View.



My windows is terribly slow


When your windows is taking a lot of time to boot up and to do a single task, then you are facing a serious windows problem. The source of the problem is a program taking all your CPU powers or RAM space. A “Memory Leak” can also cause the problem. Memory Leak occurs when a program is not working but isn’t releasing the RAM space. Restarting the program can fix the problem temporarily. But only installing a new version of the program can solve the problem permanently.  It also can be a malware or a scheduled scan running by your anti-virus in background.

To check background programs you have to access “Task Manager”. You have to press “Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc” together to open “Task Manager”. In Task Manager you will be able to find the programs eating your CPU or RAM spaces.





If you find any program using high space and you don’t recognize it, google the program’s name and determine its danger level. Now right click on the program and select “End Process”. To remove the program you need to run a full system scan against virus. Now simply a reboot can solve the problem.





Facing Problems while Updating windows


First, if the date and time of your PC is not correct, fix the date and time. If this issue is facing continuously, you may need to change your “BIOS battery” located in your mother board.


Changing-bios-battery -windows problems


Microsoft has a “FIX IT” file available on their support page. You can find it here (Article 2700567). You can use the file to solve many windows problems. If you can’t solve the problem, you may need to use “System Restore” to reset your windows. In windows 8 and 10, you have to click the “power icon” in logon screen. Then click on “Restart” while holding down the “Shift” key.


sift+restart-button-windows problems


Now your PC will load a troubleshooting page with some options. Select Troubleshooting and go to advanced option. Then click on System Restore option.  You PC will reboot into restore mode.


advanced-options-windows problems


Select your account, click next to go to the next screen, choose your windows installation drive and click next. Then wait till the process ends. Now you can restart and try to update your windows again.

If your system is not booting up in Windows 7 and you need to restore, just insert your windows installation disk and press any key when you asked to do so.


Windows 7-boot-windows problems


Select the language, input settings, time and hit “repair your computer“. Now follow the instructions given by the process. After the process successfully ends reboot your PC and try to update again.



My PC memory is running low causing some windows problems


First, make sure that you are not facing memory leak or any program using a lot of space unnecessarily. If your system is not facing this windows problems and you still have low memory problem, then you have to increase your virtual memory. A virtual memory is a cache that windows stores on your hard drive. Right click on the “My computer” (Windows 7) or “This PC” (windows 8, 10) and select “properties”. Now click on the “Advanced System Settings”.  In this section named “Performance” click on the “Settings”. Now click the “Advanced” tab and click “Change”. Then un-check the button at the top and choose “Custom Size”. “What should be the maximum size?” Is a tricky question. Generally the maximum size should be 1.5 times bigger than your original RAM. You have to put the value in MB. More than 1.5 times can slow down your PC performance. Click “Set” and then click “OK”.


increasing-vertual-memory- windows problems


If you are using programs to edit high definition Video, Pictures and audio, your program can eat up lots of RAM space. If you think using this programs making your PC memory low, adding an extra RAM is a good idea.

After going through all of the above process’s, if your windows problems still exist, it may be a high time to get professional help.  Here at “Bundaberg It Solutions” we feel proud to have the proper resources and well experienced professionals to solve any of your It problems and keep your PC safe against any Windows problems. You just have to contact us. You can always contact us by clicking here.

It’s a very important but nearly impossible task to give every solution of Windows problems in a single tutorial. That’s why here we selected the common ones. If you can’t find the problems you are looking for or have any question, suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We always have enough time to listen to you and take your suggestion positively to make our tutorial more resourceful.

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For networking now we are using more and more complex environment. To support their own business many IT industries using different types of systems and modern technology. Now more and more complex applications are involved in our modern network to make it more reliable for its users. Because of some minor errors of complex systems, various applications and modern complex technology sometimes unexpected situations occur. In our modern life, every day we are facing a ton of problems. But encountering with  network problems is one of the most annoying problems of our daily life. Whether you are a professional gamer, secret agent, VoIP user or just a normal network user,  network problems can be insanely frustrating for all. Here we tried to help you with a total solution pack of some common network problems.


network problems-cable



 My Internet connection is dropping


When an internet connection is dropping, the main culprit should be the “ISP” (Internet Service Provider). You should try some normal troubleshooting to solve this types of internet problems before doing anything.

Sometime your can use a router connection to connect your PC system with internet. In this case, your first step should be connecting the modem directly to the system to see the router is working perfectly or not.




Also try to reset the broadband modem you are using.




Don’t just hit the power switch to restart the modem. First cut the power by unplugging the modem from its power source. Wait for a few moments.




Then plug the router back in. Before testing the connection again, wait and let the modem re-sync with the network your ISP providing. If you are resetting your internet modem every month, then I think there are some network problems that can only be fixed by your service tech. Or in the worst case you may have to change your modem.



File takes forever to download, Ping time is suck


The easiest solution to this type of internet problems are just upgrading your internet connection speed. If the connection you’re using is generally fast but gets slow during certain period of time like pick hour or only the time when you’re trying to connect to some specific web sites, I afraid there are a little things you can try to do about it. You should perform a full broadband taste to see your actual connection speed.




Your “ISP” has a guaranteed internet speed. Now power cycle the modem and the router you using.  Always check your router log to identify any unexpected guest using your internet and consuming your internet speed without your permission.




Live streaming camera or streaming videos from different devices at the same time may also cause slow internet speed.



 A new Serve/PC/NAS is not accessible from other system


You have to worry about a lot of network probems, when you can’t access a fresh system/”NAS” (Network Attached Storage) from other devices on a same network.




First of all you have to make sure that your new machine or system has a well connection with the “LAN” (Local Area Connection) you are using and the network controller of the new device is active. Then check the system to see if it’s configured with a perfect “IP” (Internet Protocol) address.




If the “NAS” or the server is using a different sub net, for an example, it can be appeared to be connected to a network, but it’s not visible to the other computer systems. In this case you will have to access the configuration menu with a standalone “NAS” device. Now navigate to the “LAN” settings and enter the correct IP address.




If you want to change the current IP address in windows operating system, you have to access the ‘Network and Sharing Center’, now click on the ‘Local Area Connection’. Then click on the properties, check the “Internet Protocol Version 4” (IPv4 or TCP), hit properties again. Here on the ‘general‘ tab you have to change your systems IP address manually.




It’s also a possibility that the client PC you are using has disabled network discovery mode. Or a “firewall” witch making the system to hide other devices. So, keep an eye on this type of network problems too.



My SSID is appearing but I can’t connect using a WI-FI connection


Like any other network problems  “Wi-Fi” problems can be caused by many reasons. Interference, firmware and corrupted or incompatible driver are the main culprit for “Wi-Fi” and network Problems. First try to reset your router if something gone wrong. Sometimes simply a reboot can fix the problem. Disconnect your router power cord and wait a few moments. Then plug the cord back and connect it.

If the problem exists, the ‘wireless channel’ of your router can be congested. You should scan the wireless networks in the area by downloading and using an application like “Insider” for your laptop




and “Wi-Fi Analyzer” for your android smart phone.  Within range, if the router is using the most used channel, then go to your routers configuration and click on the ‘wireless network’ option and use the channel which has least user in the area.




If the process can’t solve your internet problems, try to update the firmware that your router using. Visit the manufacturer’s website of your router and search for the latest firmware for your router. If you find one, download it. Then go to the router configuration and update your router.


modem-firmware-update-internet problems


Every router may has its own individual updating process. You can find your process in your user manual or in the manufacturer’s website. When you will be able to update the firmware, you can manually configure the network and reconnecting again.

Updating your PC’s network and wireless network drivers can solve many network problems.



My internet is not reliable, causing network problems


Unreliable internet connection can be caused by a hardware of your PC or a signal problem of the web. The majority of this problems can easily be solved by you. You may need a professional help to solve the others.

At first you have to do is resetting the modem. Now swap out the cable between your PC and the internet modem. Cut the power of your modem and the router. Then wait sometime and power them up again. Always use a good quality cable to connect them together. Most of the network problems can caused by a bad cable. Don’t hesitate to give a call to your ISP to check the signal strength and the line quality.


After going through the whole process, if the network problems exists, now it’s time to get professional help. A professional service technician is now your last line of defense. The team at “Bundaberg It Solutions” feel proud to have proper resources and well experienced professionals to keep your defense strong against any network problems. You just have to contact us. You can always contact us by clicking  here.

It’s a very important but nearly impossible task to give every solution of network problems in one tutorial. That’s why here we selected the common ones. If you can’t find what problems you are looking for or have any question, suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We always have enough time to listen to you and take your suggestion positively to make our tutorial more resourceful.

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The processing Unit of your PC or Laptop is simply amazing. A CPU (Central Processing Unit) works like a brain of your computer system. It uses a three step process to make calculation and process information for you. That’s why it also known as a microprocessor. It takes input by gathering information provided by you. Then it starts to decode it and accomplish the task according the input. It uses computer memory to keep the output data. It’s a continuous process and a CPU can remarkable process a large amount of data with in a second. So it’s clear that a CPU has to complete a large amount of complex tasks with in a second to make your daily life more enjoyable and it is built on a complex technology. Having trouble with your CPU is not an uncommon issue of our daily life. So, rather than rush it to the nearest compute shop, there are a few steps to follow to diagnose your CPU and hopefully repair your CPU by yourself. The problem could be very simple like a component of a major software is not selected. Having trouble with your CPU? Here we tried to give a total solution of some common CPU problems.


CPU is overheating


Your CPU could face Overheating problems for many reasons like, if the cooler of your CPU gets dusty, you will face some serious heating issue. In this case you just have to clean the dust to avoid CPU problems.





Or, the cooling fan of your cooler is dying. You can replace the old fan to avoid heating problems. Or the overheating issue can occur if the heat sink is poorly installed. Remove it immediately and remount it with new thermal paste. ‘Noctua NT-H1’,  ‘Arctic Cooling MX-4’, ’Tuniq TX-4’, ‘Zero Therm ZT-100’, ‘Prolimatech PK-1’ are some common thermal paste that can be used to remount the heat sink.




The fan with your chassis can cause some CPU problems. Always keep them clean. A new GPU could cause the problem by swamping the ability of your case to stay cool. Updating your BIOS also could change the fan speed profile.




Always keep it in mind: If the CPU is simply running hot and there are no issues like a “Blue Screen Error” or throttling clock speed, you probably have no CPU problems to worry about.


CPU is slow


Your CPU problems can cause for a configuration error in the BIOS or your CPU is overheating. First, you have to verify the clock speed of your chip. You can use “CPUZ” while running a load in “Cinebench 11.5”.




You have to keep in mind that,” If there is a heavy load on every cores, a Chip don’t turbo”. Now compare your “Cinebench 11.5” scores with other scores on internet, if the clocks are correct. The scores should be closer to other scores. If the scores are close, then you are safe means your CPU is not slow. But if the scores don’t match, then your CPU is facing thermal problems. Check your heat sink. Clean the heat sink and the fans. Then reapply some thermal paste. You may also have to update your BIOS.






CPU is unstable


There is a few chance to a CPU to “go bad”. Going bad is not one of the CPU problems. They generally work or don’t work. But everything around a CPU can make it unstable. If you overclocking your device, simply stop. You can run some CPU-intensive app like “PRIME95” to isolate the CPU problems.




If your PC showing “Blue Screen Errors”, check the thermal issue like overheating CPU. Don’t forget to check your “RAM” with “Memtest86+”.




Check your mobo and GPU power connection. If the PSU (Power Supply Unit) failing because of overheating, it could cause crashes and power slag. It can look like a bad CPU too. If you want to swap in a good PSU, don’t hesitate to do so.  A faulty GPU can also resemble CPU problems. If you have an extra GPU or integrated option, try switching to it and testing again.



CPU is always under a heavy load


If your CPU is showing heavy usage, it probably a sign of malware infection in your system. Always keep your “Antivirus” update and run a full system search for malware.




Also don’t hesitate to run some spatial anti malware software like “Malwarebytes”.




Or some web based malware scanner such as “Trend MIcro”, “Bit Defender”, “ESET”.




to isolate your CPU problems. Sometime your own “Antivirus” can put a heavy load on your CPU and casing CPU problems by thrashing the system doing a scan. You can check the “Task Manager” to see the running process by pressing (Ctrl + Alt + Delete). Click on the CPU column to see the process sort by usage.




You can search the internet for a suspicious process name to identify the program which is causing your CPU problems.


CPU only works in Single-Channel Mode


First you have to make sure that your RAM is working fine. You can use “Memtest86+” to find out any problem. If you can’t find any problem with your RAM, check the RAM slots for debris and you have to swap the “DIMMs” (Dual In-Line Memory Module). When you put into dual-channel mode, you likely bent a pin installing your CPU. We can face this type of CPU problems in various kind of “Mother-Boards”. TO fix this problem, you have to find a sharp knife. Then Straight the pin in the socket or on the CPU for AMD chips.




The CPU problems can cause for many reasons. Here we tried to give you some easy solutions of some common CPU problems. In this tutorial we tried to cover most of the CPU problems but it’s not quite possible to cover all the types of misfortune that can happen to your CPU in a single tutorial.

If you didn’t find the solution you are looking for, it will be our great pleasure to help you to find the perfect solution. At “Bundaberg It Solutions” we have the proper resources and a group of well experienced and professional people to solve any kind of computer related problem. No matter how rare or complicated your problem is, you always can come to us for professional help. We can assure you our best assistance.  To contact us all you have to do is click here.

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Nowadays with the development of our technology the game companies making more and more enjoyable games than before. So, now computer games require more resources than ever. If you like to have the best of a high resolution game, you have to upgrade your graphics card. Upgrading your video cards is not a very hard task to do. Most of the time the process goes without any complications or troubles. But sometimes things don’t go as it should be. As a result you have to face some problems. To solve these problems, Here is a guideline to help you troubleshoot the problems.




Problem on Video cards:

“GPU” is slow


If the “GPU” of your video card starts lagging, the first step to take is a driver update. Two most used Video card makers are Nvidia and AMD which their own impressive way of updating their products drivers. You always have to keep an eye open for the latest updates before launching a new game. It’s very easy to find your driver version in both Catalyst Control Center (Under Information/software) and in the Nvidia control panel.


Video cards - AMD-and-Nvidia--drivers


On the other hand lagging issues with your “GPU” can caused by overheating. So you have to monitor your “GPU” temperature. You can use the software provided by the “GPU” manufacturer.


Multiple Video Card Setup is not working


Dual-card setup can be a problem for many reasons and setting them up perfectly for an Operating System like Windows is a big challenge. If there is no such option named “CrossFireX/SLI” in your video card’s software, you can avoid your motherboard’s color coding and move the second card to a different PCIe slot.


Video cards - Motherboard-slot-change


For gaming you have to follow a different story. As there are a lot of thing to work together to function the cards together and  properly, so normally you have to wait a bit after a game comes out for a competitive drive. Assuming your other moods like dual-card mode is enabled, sometimes a faulty “CrossFirex/SLI” could cause the problem. But the possibility is very rare. You can use Catalyst Control Center or Nvidia Control Center to force the Dual card mode to solve the problem. But the success ratio is very low.


Screen Corruption and Artifacts


There are two things to imagine when a Graphical Corruption occurred. First is somehow your video cards is overheating and the second is the worst case your beloved video cards is dying. For checking the temperature you can use a variety of different software like “EVGA Precision X”, “MSI Afterburner”, “Asus GPU Tweak”, “GPU-z” etc. If the temperature is below 80° C, that’s fine. But you should keep in mind, a Well-conditioned card doesn’t exceed 70°C.




Take your “GPU” out of the case and clean the “GPU” very carefully with compressed air.




Then install it back to your case. Give some fresh cool air by keeping the case door open and manually turn the fan up using the above software.


Video cards - evga-fan-speed


Ask your friend to run your video cards in his or her operating system to see if your card is dying.  And try his or her card in your operating system to check your operating system. If your enjoying the overclocking of your card, immediately you should keep your enjoyment controlled and return to its default clock speed.


Display and resolution Issue


It’s not common a problem but if you facing a cable or a connection issue, you should never overlook it. If your resolution is 2560 × 1600, you should use a dual-link DVI port on the card. Some DVI ports are single-link. You have to keep an eye on that.


Video cards - Dual-and-single-port-dvi-cable


Also don’t forget to double check the input source of your LED and the cable currently you are using.


PC can’t recognize the Second display


First of all make sure that you are running the latest version of your display drivers. Many systems show some minor issues with the second display, if they are running the default drivers. Second make sure that you have gone to the control panel and activated the second display. In windows operating you can activate second screen by pressing (windows + p) key. You can select different modes from there to project the second screen.


Video cards - second-screen


Third, there are some DVI ports that can’t work if you are using VGA-DVI adapter. If there are two ports on your video cards, try them both. And double check that you have multiple displays enabled.


During bootup the display works fine but not in windows


When the windows is booting up, if you getting an acceptable picture quality but not in the windows, than the problem is coursed by a corrupt video driver or you don’t have the correct one. To fix this problem, you have to boot into “safe mode”.  You have to press “F8” button before the windows logo appears to boot into “safe mode”.


safe-mode-windows-10 - Video cards


Safe mode will use a generic VGA video driver and it will allow you to upgrade the corrupt driver or install the right one. You can Upgrade or install your driver by using “Device manager”.

The problem can also be caused if you using the default application or a third party software to overclock your video card and set the speed to high. To solve the problem, boot into windows safe mode and use the software to restore the video card into its default speed.


Video cards drivers serves as an interpreter between your operating system and the video card. You can face any of this problems when you playing a serious game or just poking around the internet.

Here we tried to give you some easy solutions to save your video cards from some common problems. The tutorial covers most of the problems but it’s not quite possible to cover all the types of misfortune that can happen relating to your video card in a single tutorial.

If you didn’t find the solution you are looking for, it will be our great pleasure to help you to find the perfect solution. At “Bundaberg It Solutions” we have the proper resources and a group of well experienced and professional people to solve any kind of computer related problem. No matter how rare or complicated your problem is, you always can come to us for professional help. We can assure you our best assistance.  To contact us all you have to do is click here.

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Several times we have faced some problems with Our PC’s USB devices. For instance a normal USB device (pen drive, Printer or scanner) is not functioning well or the USB drive can’t detect them at all or the data transfer rate is too much slow and more. Well, sometimes we all have to face this problems. If we know the proper way to solve the problems, we easily can make our life more enjoyable and less expensive. Today, we are going to discuss some common problems about your USB drive problems and their easy solution.




When the USB port stops working


If your USB port isn’t working, there could be many reasons for that. If the ports of your desktop are front-mounted, the first thing you should do check out the cables connection of the USB ports with the mother board. One thing you have to keep in mind that,” There is a difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cable connection”. Shown below :



Then go to the BIOS option and check the required USB header. If it’s not enabled yet enable it.


Enabling USB from BIOS


If the USB ports are joined on the mother board and enabled in BIOS, go to the “Device Manager” to check any problem causing by USB root controller or any USB hubs. If you able to find any problem, simply a Driver update or Reinstall can solve the whole problem.




On the other case it’s a possibility that your USB ports are physically damaged. In this case you’ll have to re-solder some new ports onto the main board.




If you connect other device to the ports, make sure that the device driver is working perfectly. Because windows can’t recognize a device automatically without a driver.


Slow file transfer over USB


Some older versions of windows like windows vista or windows 7 have some USB drive problems. For that reason when you facing the problem first thing you should do is check for windows update. A successful update makes your PC’s system fully patched. It’s mandatory to keep your drivers update.





You also can set your USB ports to performance mood. Open “Device manager”. Find the USB drive and right click on the drive and select “Properties”. From the “policy” tab tick the option “Better Performance”. If you enable this mood, don’t forget to safely remove USB devices from USB ports to avoid losing any data.





USB Hub doesn’t work


Insufficient power supply to the hub is the main reason of this problem. If the hub has an external AC adapter. Make sure the adapter is working fine. If the USB hub is connected to the front ports try using them to the soldered ports. Because sometimes the front ports can’t produce enough power to the hub. Connecting a hub to the soldered ports can solve the problem.



USB device is not recognized


USB devices are normally plug and play. Sometimes some USB devices are not recognized properly by the PC. This problems mainly occurs due to the lake of proper drivers that needed for the device. To solve this problem sometimes you may need to install the drivers manually. For manually install the driver, just plug the device into a USB port. Then go to the device manager. Right click on the device and select update driver software. After that you can either let the wizard search the internet automatically or you can pin the driver, which is downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.




These are the common Solution of some most popular problems related to your USB drives. As the tutorial is based on some common problems and every day we are facing new types and kinds of problems, it’s a hardest thing to do is cover everything in a tutorial.

If you can’t find what you looking for, just don’t gave up your hope now. Our team at “Bundarberg IT Solution” has all the solution of your common or rare problems. We have a group of well experienced and professional people always working to keep your PC problems under control and making your daily life more enjoyable then before. We have the resource and capability to give you the best solution of your Computer related problems.

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You may be dealing with your dad’s decade-old Computer or your own custom maid high performing gaming PC. Dealing with different types and kinds of problems is a nightmare of our daily life. After a long day at work you came home and want to blow some stress off with an hour of gaming or may be just pocking around the internet. But when you push the power button or tap the mouse sometimes the unthinkable happens. Here we are giving you a total solution pack for some common problems related to storage and optical drives. You should go through this process before making a call for professional help.


Problem : 1

Your PC’s hard disk is dying and your “SSD” is sputtering


If the driver that was previously visible, the first step will be to check the BIOS (under Boot option). You have to search for your missing driver. If the drive is not visible you just have to swap out the SATA cable or the POWER cable or both.



If the driver shows up you have to run a ‘Disk Checking’ on it. To do so you have to go to My Computer (or This PC). Right click on the drive and select “PROPARTIES”. Then the tool tab. In the Tool tab click on “Check Now”. Now your PC will start a search for the system errors that making your drive malfunction and fix them automatically.


disk chacking


After the full process, if the drive continuous to give the same errors, don’t spend more time. Copy all the data immediately. If it’s too late you have to run data recovery on the SATA drive. You can easily find a data recovery tool online. Some of them are free and you may have to spend some money for some of them. If your drive is not visible on windows you have some limited option. One option can be useful for different drives. It’s called “Freezer Trick”. To perform this trick you have to take out your hard drive from your PC and seal it with a plastic bag.



Then you have to put the drive in an extreme cold place like a deep freezer for an hour. I know it sounds odd. But believe me sometimes the process makes things straight. On the other hand you can recover your data with an expensive process called “Forensic style data recovery”.



If it’s a brand new drive and it’s not showing up. Beside it everything is perfect. Then you just need to initialize it. Search for “disk manager” in the “run” option (for windows 7 or older versions) or just write “disk manager” in the search option (for windows8, 8.1 and 10) to find the disk manager and follow the prompts.



Problem : 2

The Optical drives are disappearing


It’s one of the classic problems that can be easily solved. You just have to keep your patients together. This problem generally happens for a missing drive or one that stops working suddenly. You have to type ”regedit” in the start menu search box (for windows 7 or older versions) or in the search option (for windows 8, 8.1 and 10).


Then you have to navigate to

“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}” .

In that location if you find a file named “UpperFilter” Or ”LowerFilter ”, Just delete the file and exit “Regedit”.

delete upperfilters

Now reboot your system. After rebooting your PC system in most scenarios, your optical drive will reappear or start working again. If not, you have to uninstall the driver for the optical drive and reinstall it again. Now your optical drive should work perfectly.

Problem: 3

The Drive is not reporting in full capacity


We can see this kinds of issues with 3TB or 4TB drives. 2TB or less capacity drives should not have any issues with the operating in windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Windows XP users might need to download a utility tool to allow for a drive with 4k sectors. 3TB or 4TB drives are generally MBR (Master Boot Recod) disks. That’s why they limits a partition and relegating the rest to a separate partition. If you need the full capacity in one partition, you have to convert the MBR disk to GPT (GUID Partition Table). To do so you have to access “CMD Prompt”. Type cmd at the start menu search box (for windows 7) or at the search option (for windows8, 8.1 and 10). In the command Prompt type “Diskpath”. Then type “list disk”. Now select “Disk X” (here ‘X’ is your drive number), Then convert “GPT”.


Now go to disk management and create a massive partition.

Problem: 4

Performance of  your PC’s “SSD”  is very slow


If you have a PC that using hard drive and its running slow, then you have a little to worry about. If you using a SSD (Solid- State Drive) and it’s doing thing slowly, then you need to worry a lot. If you are not sure, you can download “CrystalDiskMark” to see the write or read speed you getting. Beside you have to make sure that the SSD drive is conned to the SATA 6 Gb/sec Ports. You can use your mother board’s user manual to find the SATA port. Now go the “BIOS” and check the SATA port for the drive is set to “AHCI” mode. If its in “IDE” mode manually set the port to “AHIC” mode. “AHIC” mode will give you better performance than the “IDE” mode.

AHCI mode

Problem : 5



Sometimes people install windows OS without enabling “AHIC”. Enabling it after the installation process sometimes causes BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). To fix the problem you have to edit your registry. Go to “Run” and type “regedit” or just search for “Regedit” . Then navigate here


Then right click on the word “start”and select Modify. Change the value to ”0” nad then click “ok” . Now exit “Regedit”. Reboot your system and change the SATA controller to “AHCI”. Boot into your windows.



These are the solution of some common PC problems related to storage and optical device. Here we tried to cover the solutions of all the problems related to “storage” and “optical devices”. Now you should able to solve your PC problems linked to storage and optical devices.

It’s a true fact that, “Besides the progression of our modern technology, the problems are getting harder and harder to solve. Every day we are facing new problems.” So, if you couldn’t find the perfect solution of your problem or still facing the problem, please let us know about it. The team at “Bundaberg It Solutions” have the proper resources and professional people to solve the problems with easy and creative way.

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              A Permanent removal Process OF


              A Browser hijacker And Spyware

“” is an extremely popular web site that in most case sets itself as a startup page for many browsers without informing the user. The search web site works such a way that it directs users to few common sites for business purposes. This program is classified as adware and spyware. It’s a program which will get into any computer without any permission. The program of “” is not related to other common malwares or viruses. Because it has no effect on the performance of a computer. But its developers used some dishonest and annoying ways to attract many online traffics to improve the page rank of some specific web sites. Here is a complete process to remove “” and any other spyware or adware program that may have been installed during the setup process from your computer permanently.

Step 1

Using “Adw cleaner” to clean up “” Spyware and Adware

1) You will be able to download “Adw Cleaner” from the link below.
Please click here to download “Adw Cleaner” (It’s a safe link where you will be able to download Adw       Cleaner)


2) Close or terminate all programs before starting the process. And don’t forget to close your browsers too (it’s important). Now double click on the icon of the “Adw Cleaner” program. Allow the windows prompt to run the prmogra.

 Adware Cleaner

3) After starting the program you will see a button titled as “scan”. Now just click on the “Scan button”. Shortly “Adw Cleaner” will start a search for the malicious activity and spyware files on your computer that may cause by installing “” program.

Adware Cleaner


4) Wait until the scanning process ends. After the successful scanning process you will see some malicious files and adware files detected. Now you will be able to clean them by clicking on the “Clean button” beside the “scan button”.

Adware Cleaner Scanning


5) Now “Adw Cleaner” will restart your computer to finish the cleanup process.  The program will ask your permission to restart the computer and suggest you to save any work in progress. Please save your work if you running any and click “ok button” to restart your computer.

Restart Computer - Adware Cleaner



Step 2

Using “Junkware removal tool” to remove “” Brower Hijacker

1   You will be able to download “Junkware Removal Tool” from the link below.
Please click here to download “Junkware Removal Tool” (It’s a safe link where you will be able to download Junkware removal tool for free)




2  After successfully downloading the software, please double click on the file which will named like”JRT.exe”. Your windows should ask your permission to run the program. Click “Yes” to run the “Junkware Removal Tool”.

Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) Logo




3 The program will start now. Don’t be alarmed to see a command prompt. Because the program runs in command prompt. Just press any key of your keyboard to run a scan against “”. Please keep your patience. The scanning process may need several minutes to perform correctly. It can be up to 10 minutes. It depends on your computers System preferences and speed of your computers processor.

Junkware Removal

4 After a successful process the “junkware Removal Tool” will show you a long log of different malicious files, some adware, spyware and some unwanted registry keys which were removed by the program from your computer.


Step 3

Time to clean up the hijacked windows short cuts by “”

When you install “” without any knowledge, first it starts to hijack your web browsers. In this part of the tutorial we will manually clean the “” program up from our web browsers.

1 Web browser shortcuts can be found in desktop, start menu or in the task bar. Right click on the shortcut icon from the desktop and select properties. For the web browser which is located in the task bar just right click on the icon and again right click on the web browser icon to find the properties option. On the other way you can unpin the web browser icon from the task bar and pin it back after removal of the “” adware.

Web Browser Shortcuts


2 In the Properties option there will be a tab called ‘Shortcut’. Click on the tab and you will see the in the target field. Remove from the target field.

More Web Browser Shortcuts

Step 4

“Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” program to remove “” virus

“Malwarebytes Anti-malware” is knows as a total solution of removing different types of malwares, including rootkit, Trojans, worms, spyware, dialers, rogues etc. A “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” program can easily run in different platform without any collision with the default anti-virus.

1 You will be able to download a latest version of “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” from here. (The link is safe and you can download “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” from here for free)

2 After downloading the program don’t forget to close all the side applications before running the “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” software. Once all applications are closed just double click on the icon of the program named “mbam-setup” to start the installation process. Your windows may ask to for permission to run the program. Just click “Yes” to continue the installation process.





3 After the beginning of the installation procedure, you can simply follow the “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” installation wizard to finish the installation process. You can Keep following the process by clicking “Next”.

MalwareBytes Large


4 When it installed, The “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” program will run automatically. If you don’t uncheck the option on installation wizard called “Launch Malwarebytes Anti-Malware”. Once the program starts you will see a massage saying you to upgrade the program and you never performed a scan on your computer system. You now have to just click on the “Scan now” button to run a full system scan.
Malwarebytes Intalled


5 Now “Malwarebyte Anti-Malware” program will scan your whole computer system for the “” virus and malwares. The process, when its running it should looks like the image below.

Malwarebytes scanning process

6 When the process has completed, the program will display a list of malware infected files or programs that causing harm of your computer system. There is a check and uncheck option in the program. You should select all the files to remove all the malware activities from your computer system. Now you can click the “remove selected” option to remove all the malicious files that are detected by the program.

Malwarebytes Threatscan Results

7 “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” program will now start a process to remove all the files and programs detected by it. To remove some of the malicious files it may need a restart. If the program ask your permission to perform a restart. Please don’t hesitate to give it permission. After the restart you should run the program again to confirm there are no malicious activity remaining.

Remove Infected Files


Stap 5

“Hitman Pro” a program to double check any “” malware infections remaining

“Hitman Pro” is a program that designed to detect the malware infections from your computer system without making any harm to your system. “Hitman Pro” can work alongside with the Operating systems defense system Such as anti-virus or firewall. It’s quicker than the other programs and does not slow the system down.

1 “Hitman Pro” can be downloaded from here for (32bit) and here for (64bit). (The link is not harmful and you can download “Hitman Pro” free)

2 There are two versions of the program. One is for 32bit Operating system and another is 64 bit Operating System. If you have 32bit system, you should double click on the “HitmanPro.exe” or if you have a 64bit Operating System, you should double click on the “HitmanPro_x64.exe”. When you double click the program the program will begin with a startscreen.

Hitman Pro

Click the “Next Button” to continue the “Hitman Pro” installation Process
3“HItman pro” will now begin a scan on your computer system for malware infected files or programs.

Hitman Pro Scan

4 When it finished the process, the program will show a list of malware infected files and programs. Please click the “Next button” to delete the malicious files and programs caused by “”.


Scan Complete

5 Click on the “Active Free License” button to active a free trial of 30 days and full fill the process of removing malicious files and programs.

Activate Free License

After completing these process, now your computer should be free from the most feared browser hijacker and adware “”.

If you still facing the problems or don’t want to risk anything of your beloved PC, You can come to us for  professional help. The team at Bundaberg It Solutions can solve your problems professionally. We will diagnose your PC to detect other problems (If there any) and take a good care of your PC.

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