Finding Laptop Repairs Bundaberg is now even simpler, Bundaberg It Solutions offer a fast, convenient Laptop Repair Service in the Bundaberg District. We offer a FREE pickup and drop-off service which can come at a great offering to people who work during the weekdays, We aren’t only picking up your Laptop and dropping it off, but we also set everything back up including your printer, speakers, USB hubs and keyboard to ensure you can get back to enjoying your laptop in no time!.

We offer an extensive range of repairs including but not limited to,

Laptop Screen Repairs Bundaberg

Laptop Screen Repairs Bundaberg
Smashed laptop screen? Lines appearing in the screen? Have your hinges come apart from the case, Bundaberg It Solutions offer affordable screen replacements for most brands and models of laptops including ASUS, Toshiba, Sony and Dell just to name a few. A cracked laptop screen doesn’t mean the whole laptop needs to be replaced! In most cases we can have a new replacement laptop screen replaced in under an hour!





Laptop Ram Upgrades & ReplacementLaptop Ram Replacement Bundaberg Your overall laptop performance can depend on a number of key factors in which one of them is the ‘Ram’ which can also be called Random Access Memory. Upgrading your existing RAM is a great and relatively affordable investment on your laptop, By adding more ram you can greater increase the amount of applications you could possibly run, or improve loading times if using applications such as Adobe Photoshop. Bundaberg It Solutions stock a great range of Laptop Replacement Ram in Bundaberg, We are happy to provide you with a FREE quote on upgrading and improving your laptop performance.



Laptop Power DC Jack Replacement BundabergLaptop Power Jack Replacement

Have you by chance snapped off your laptop charger in power jack? Accidently dropped the laptop with the charger in it? While most seem this can be a daunting task, Bundaberg It Solutions has the right tools on hand to ensure that your laptop power jack is safely repaired back onto your mainboard of the laptop. This procedure normally requires soldering the “DC” power jack back onto the mainboard in which we advise our customers to ensure that this is done only by a computer repair shop.

For the full list of repairs that can be done to your Laptop contact us directly via either visiting our Contact Us page or calling (07) 4154 3507.