We know why your here, Lets face it your website is good it has a great design with a good looking layout a number of pages but its lacking the results your looking for right?

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Bundaberg IT Solutions can understand that while you can run your business so great! You may need assistance with your website! Let’s face it us being humans we can’t know everything. And Bundaberg IT Solutions will be the first to recognize this we offer a FREE SEO Report For Business owners or everyday people who are looking to get helpful assistance in Bundaberg about their website.

So what does this FREE SEO Report Actually Do? Our report which takes around 45 seconds to complete once you enter in the below information will give you a detail list of what errors are currently on your website. Now while this may well indeed affecting your search engine result (SEO) we don’t guarantee that by fixing the errors that you will magically appear number one overnight in the major search engines.

Okay so how do i get my FREE SEO Report? Let us walk you through the steps.

  • Step 1, Beginning with the first box which has “http://” inserted in it we will list your website. Now you don’t have to insert your website with “www” it can simply be inserted like “mywebsite.com.au”. Now you will also notice just below this box there is a “+” icon which has “+ Competitor URL” this nifty little feature allows you to also check a website that is ranking better then yours to see what they may be doing better then you.
  • Step 2, In the next Box which is “keyword” we are going to add in a keyword, For example if we were looking for plumbers in bundaberg we could type into google “Bundaberg Plumbers” and we would then get a list of websites and contact details for plumbers in Bundaberg.
  • Step 3, In the following below boxes we require some contact information. This information is simply for us to give you a quick follow up in a couple of days once you claim your Free Seo Report and we may also use it to send your other helpful advise about gaining better SEO Results. We don’t hand out your personal information to any third parties or spammers.
  • Step 4, “Scan Now” once you press the Scan Now button it will begin scanning your website to generate a SEO Report. It normally takes around 45 seconds but depending on where your website is hosted from it can take additional time.

What’s My SEO Score?

Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase.

Still unsure what to do? no problem simply put in some contact details in the below form and we will get in touch to assist you!