Website Design & Development Solutions

Website Design & Development Solutions

It can be a dream to some to have there own Website Design for their business! We can make that dream come true! Website Design & Development Solutions By Bundaberg IT Solutions! whether you want a simple 1 page WordPress website to list your contact details or a fully operational online store with woocommerce that has 10,000 of your products on it!

Bundaberg IT Solutions prides itself on high quality Website Design & Development services to ensure it meets every single one of your needs! We’ve taken away all of the hassles of buying a domain name to writing content for your website, We now tailor make each package to suit every single one of our current and future clients!

What is Website Design?

Some call Website Design a simple page with some graphics and information regarding their business or product. However we believe Website Design is the complete key to showcasing what product or service your wishing to showcase to your potential clients, In today’s market having a website to showcase your services or products can be that miss “key” between obtaining clients while you sleep!

That’s right it sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Getting clients while you sleep! but a website can do just that! think about it, It could be a late Sunday night the services you offer is plumbing services. A customer does a quick Google search for 24 hour plumbing services and since you have that perfect Website Design with Search Engine Optimization your website comes up first.

The customer sends you an email requesting for you to contact them first thing Monday morning, Monday morning comes and you have there details on your email you give them a call and straight away you have a successful booking! How great would that be?

It might seem hard to the everyday person, But for Bundaberg IT Solutions it’s what we do on a daily basis! perfecting Website Designs to match our clients businesses.


Using a content management system like WordPress can be an easy and effective way to manage your Website. WordPress offers a range of attachments which it calls “Plugins” which can add so much more options to your website like for example if you have a Plugin called “WooCommerce” it allows you to have a fully functional Shop on your website. You can get Plugins to add further features such as Newsletters, Slideshows, Contact Forms and so much more. Infact our very own Website runs on WordPress in which we have optimized to work with our Design and Plugins.