Microsoft Office 365 Services

Microsoft Office 365 Services & Management

Looking for leading Microsoft Office 365 Software to implement into your business? Needing an expert to takeover your current Office system? Wanting to allow your team to share files and edit excel documents while on the go? We can help implement Microsoft Office 365 into your existing or new business. In next to no time we can have you accessing your documents on your Microsoft Windows Computer, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Samsung Tablet or Windows Tablet. Microsoft’s 365 software is compatible and has a range of applications which work across a vast range of operating systems unlike other software.

With Office 365 you get the full suite!
From Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft Excel with Office 365 you get access to these publications plus more depending on the package you choose! Including up to 1 TB of Cloud Storage space to have your files stored in the Cloud to be access from any location you work at whether that be at a client’s location, while traveling or at a meeting.

Managed Office 365 Solutions Bundaberg

Always have the latest updates of software
There can be nothing worse then going to complete a document but you then have to wait due to your software being out of date because the IT department hasn’t updated the systems in months.

Can be used on PC’s and Mac’s!
Just because you have a Windows Computer at work doesn’t mean you can’t use Office 365 on your home Mac anymore! Why? Because office 365 is compatible and can be used on up to 5 Windows Computers and Apple Macs. Unfortunately we can’t use that excuse for not completing them reports on time any more 😉

Use Office on your Apple iPhone, Samsung Mobile or Windows Tablet?
Whether it be an Apple iPad, Samsung Mobile, Apple iPhone or Windows tablet office 365 can be used among all Mobile & Tablet devices! There’s no such thing as limitations anymore with Microsoft Office

Complete Office Management Solutions

Microsoft Office PublicationsWe don’t just sell you a piece of software and walk away! We offer the complete solution to installation and configuration of Microsoft Office to get your business operating more efficiently with the help of Microsoft’s popular tools such as Word and Excel which have access to thousands of ready to use templates such as Invoice templates, Stock counting templates, Letter head templates and more.