Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is a simple solution that can be provided by an IT Service provider either in your local town such as Bundaberg or via a remote distance via Brisbane or Sydney. It combines and bundles flat-rate, unlimited IT related services and support for either a monthly or yearly fixed fee and allows for proactive monitoring of the customer’s IT network and infrastructure.

What are Managed Services?

Why are Managed IT Services important to me?

To put it frankly Managed IT Services can dramatically reduce the amount of time you are currently spending trying to resolve IT issues. Or you may have your IT services supposedly being “managed” but still having IT related issues. We do things the “right” way by ensuring every piece of your IT equipment is effectively managed by us.

Peace of Mind

Just because you run your business perfectly doesn’t mean you know how to keep your IT network running the same way. We understand this which is why we take the IT away from your business. This then means it allows you to take back control of the things that you’re good at which is running your business.

Support To Suit Your Needs

We have options to suit your IT Support needs whether you require us to be on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week or just between normal business operating times. Whether you require us to send a technician out in 10 minutes or it can wait 24 hours. We know not all things can wait which is why we work with you not around you.

Managed IT Services Complete for your Business Requirements

What IT assets do you currently have and are they outdated?

With Technology constantly updating it can be the last thing on your mind at times and before you know it your Technology can be severely outdated. We take care of all of your IT Assets we keep them updated in our catalogue system to ensure the moment they are outdated that they become updated!