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Laptop Repairs & Upgrades Bundaberg

Facing problems with your Laptop or Notebook, We offer Convenient Laptop Repairs Bundaberg to assist with getting your Laptop working like new again! We carry out repairs to all makes and models of Laptops and Notebooks including Apple Mac’s. While offering professional services we are still an affordable repair shop located in the Bundaberg Region with a Mobile Repair Service so we can carry out repairs in your home or office! So you don’t have to even move to get your Laptop Repaired.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Is your Laptop Screen not displaying correctly or only working in certain area’s of the display? Maybe the LCD is damaged and your using an external monitor to do work on your Laptop or Notebook. Did you know Laptop Screen replacements aren’t that expensive? And most screens can be replaced in under an hour? I bet your sitting there thinking “dam i wish i knew that” Well now’s the time to take action and get your Laptop Screen Repaired by Bundaberg IT Solutions.

Laptop Hard Drive Replacements & Uogrades

Noticed that your laptop is not performing at its “peak” performance like it normally does? Maybe you’ve added all of them photo’s and videos from your recent holiday? While at times a hard drive may need replacing it can also be just a matter of simply running out of storage space. With a majority of new laptops being released today they are coming with a standard hard drive size of between 500GB – 1 TB. However you may find that depending on the price you paid this will also decide on the amount of Hard Drive storage you get.

Bundaberg IT Solutions can assist with affordable upgrade options of adding additional storage space to your Laptop or Mac Laptop. And better yet can also help improve performance if we find your current hard drive is indeed faulty.

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  • 90-Day Guarantee On All Computer Repairs & Upgrades
  • We Only Use The Highest Quality Replacement Parts In The Work We Carry Out

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