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Let us show you how we can change the way your business operates for the future! We can reduce the operating costs from Phone and Internet bills as well as reduce paper waste by making forms useable on your Computers, Mobile Phones and Tablets.


WiFi Hotspots

Give your customers access to WiFi you can have the option of offering a Free Service or charging them a small amount for a certain amount of time. You can even use statics to see the amount of customers that use your WiFi and add them to your mailing list.


Computer Management

You use it every day but the moment it breaks or stops it costs you money! We can manage your compelte computer network be it one computer or 100. We take the hassle away of ensuring your business is secure and up to date at all times as well as having backups of all your important data.


Reduce Printing Costs

Does your business already use Tablets or iPads on a daily basis? Why not reduce the amount of paper and ink you use by making forms that can be edited and used on your Tablets, iPads and other technology. It’s fairly simple and in the long run it saves you $$$.


Business Security

How Secure is the Technology you use? Even if you are only using websites such as Facebook, Google, eBay and the programs to run your business if you don’t have protection in today’s world you are risking not only losing your data but your customers! Talk to us about Security Management it’s cost-effective and pays for itself.


Expand Your Business Online

Is your website not performing like you think it should? There can be a number of reasons why such as website errors, slow loading speeds, no keywords, not ranking in Google or Bing. We can get your website performing how it should!


Mobile Business

Looking to take your business Mobile? We can set your business up so that you can work from anywhere you want! From the Beach to your home office you won’t be limited to a single location of where you can work from. Better yet it can be done on a Laptop, Mobile Phone or Tablet/iPad.

Managed Computer Services

Technology Management

Who do you call when your computers shutdown randomly? Do you have an IT Department who handle all of your updates that computers constantly require? Did you know for a Monthly fee you can have your very own IT Department who handle all of your Technology needs. From Troubleshooting to upgrades Bundaberg IT Solutions can support your business to ensure you no longer have to stress when your run into problems wth your Technology.

  •  Computers, Laptops, Tablets & iPads
  • Server Management and Disaster Recovery including on-site maintence.
  • PBX System Management including on hold music, call recording, line hunt features.
  • Email Management including business email account creation such as
  • Printer Management – Regular Servicing, Wireless Setup and Networking for your home or office

Point of Sale Solutions

Looking to upgrade your current POS Setup? Maybe your just starting your business and need to purchase the right equipment. Bundaberg IT Solutions can assist with selecting the right equipment as well as installation. From cloud based software options or storeing the software on your computer either way we can get the right setup to work with your business. We have solutions for Retail Stores, Coffee Shops, Bars, Clubs Doctor surgeys and more.

  • Cash Registers – Standard Cash Registers or Tablet devices what ever works best for your business is what we use
  • Reciept Printers – We can supply standard receipt printers or if your a moile business we have options for portable based reciept printers!
  • Counter Top Displays – Looking to add additonal monitors to your countertop for marketing or for customer display? We do it!
  • Eftpos – We can guide you on the best options for eftpos either countertop based or if your a mobile business eftpos that works via 3/4G mobile networks.
Point Of Sale Bundaberg
Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing Solutions

As you might already be aware a lot of common applications you use such as Microsoft office are moving to a cloud based platform instead of installing software on your computer or laptop you simply head to a website which has the programs you wish to use. This can be a great way to do business as you aren’t limited to using your work computer. Not only can you use applications in the cloud but you can also store important files or a complete backup of your Computer, Laptop, iPad and mobile phones meaning if you lose a device or a computer breaks it’s as easy as logging into a website to access them important documents or spreadsheets. We have a range of Cloud Based Solutions to get your business working at it’s full potential. Get in touch with us today for a FREE quote on getting your business working in the cloud.

  • Applications such as Microsoft Publications such as Word, Outlook & Excel
  • Storage store your documents and photo’s in the cloud for easy access on any device
  • Custom Application Development looking to make your very own Apple Application or Andriod Application? Well it can be done via cloud based software!
Secuirty Management Solutions

Secuirty Management Solutions

How secure is your current setup of Technology you use for your Business? Do you have passwords to logon to devices? Do you regulary perform updates and virus scans? Are you always downloading? Do you have Paid Antivirus software? Your business’s secuirty is paramount in todays world small to medium business’s are a high target for Hackers as most small to medium business’s don’t have an IT expert to manage secuirty and other important aspects to ensure you remain safe while online. Ransomware is an alarming example of how easy it is for a hacker to get access to your data and simply blocking you from viewing it. Talk to us today we can organise an onsite evaluation on how secure your current setup is and what’s required to improve it.

  • Virus, Malware and Ransomware Protection Management
  • Provide Monthly/Weekly/Daily Virus scans to act on problems as they arrise.
  • Leading Protection in Partnership with Malwarebytes and Kaspersky Protection helping keep your data protected at all times


Looking for a Business Service we don’t list? Get in touch with us using the below form or contact details. We are always expanding our services and undertaking training to enhance what we offer. We’re a local business who strives to provide the best service to each and everyone of our clients.

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