Tell Tale Signs that your Mobile Phone Battery Requires Replacing

With a large majority of Australia’s population having a Mobile Phone from the young to the elderly it’s no surprise that your Mobile Phone may require a Battery Replacement in the time you owning it. Depending on the type of Mobile Phone you own such as an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy your Mobile Phone Battery could last you a full day with a full charge depending on what you use it for. However if using your mobile phone for applications such as taking Photos, Editing word documents on the go or simply playing games you will find that your Mobile Battery may only last you a good couple of hours. When purchasing a new phone not all of us think about the Mobile Battery normally we look for how big the screen is, how much storage space it has, what kind of camera resolution it has etc.


Mobile Phone Battery Usage

While a lot of new mobile phones that are being released today are saying the battery will last all day it all depends on what settings you have enabled and what activities you are doing on it. For example;

  • What is the screen brightness set at?
  • Do you have Bluetooth enabled but not using it?
  • Do you have Wifi enabled but not connected to a Wifi network?
  • Do you have GPS location enabled?
  • How many applications do you have running in the “Background”?

Most of us will simply leave all of the settings on all of the time and not think about it, That is until we start seeing our battery percentage start dropping all of a sudden.

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With all of that being said how can i tell when my mobile battery needs replacing? 

while it can be relatively easy to adjust settings to help reduce how long your Mobile Battery lasts, Depending on the type of Mobile Phone you have it can be quite a complex task to replace your battery with a new one. For example most Apple iPhones require either the back or front of the device to be removed just so you can access the internals of the Mobile Phone which for everyday people they don’t have the knowledge or tools to even accomplish this. While Mobile Phone Manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung do offer a warranty which is usually limited to around 6 months to replace your battery after this time it ends up coming out of your pocket. Below find some tell tale signs your Mobile Phone needs a battery replacement;

  • Phone begins to overheat excessively either while on charge or while in use.
  • Battery is bulging, By this we mean it basically inflates to become not its normal size.
  • Battery Percentage level drops fast, for example goes from 90% down to 40% in under 30 mins.
  • Phone doesn’t turn on at all! Even while plugged into a charger at home.

Check for a bulge in the battery

While being some simply tips on how to know your battery needs replacing we don’t recommend any person who is not skilled in Mobile Phone Repairs or who hasn’t had prior experience in replacing mobile phone batteries. Why do we recommend this? for SAFETY! batteries can explode if not handled in the correct way and seeing as some Mobile Phones will require you to apply heat to remove the old battery even applying too much heat could result in the battery exploding.

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