Onsite Data Recovery Services Bundaberg

What’s The Data On Your Mobile or Computer Worth To You?

What files do you currently have on your Desktop Computer or Laptop? How many pictures do you have of your Newborn baby on your Mobile Phone? How many pictures do you have from the last holiday you took overseas? Are they all backed up? Even though some people could sit there and say yes i have backups the reality is we all think our data is safe and we won’t lose it. The truth is it can only take a small malfunction of a hard drive or storage device and out data can be taken away from us.

Hard Drive, USB Drive, SD Card & SSD Hard Drive Solutions Bundaberg

We all take for granted large hard drive space nowadays and simply put everything on the hard drive until its full and then buy an external storage device or USB memory storage device and then store further files or pictures on them. So what happens for my hard drive to simply stop working? A hard drive is made up of a number of mechanical items in which with time can simply stop working from either human error or simply malfunction of the hard drive it self. Some common problems faced by hard drives are electronic failure, sudden power failure, physical shock from dropping your laptop or portable hard drive, wear and tear, poorly manufactured components such as platters and headers in which you will find if purchasing non branded hard drives from overseas or on cheap chinese websites.

Portable Hard Drive Recovery Bundaberg

We always recommend purchasing only brands of hard drives, usb storage devices and memory cards by well known manufactures such as Western Digital (WD), Seagate, Samsung or Sandisk just to name a few. And while you can purchase used Hard Drives and portable disk storage devices we always recommend only purchasing brand new as they will always come with at the very least a manufacturer’s warranty which helps cover you in the result of a faulty product in Australia.
Bundaberg IT Solutions provide a range of Data Recovery services to help retrieve lost Photos, Documents and Music as well as a range of other files lost on a Hard Drive, USB or SD card. And while we never guarantee the process of Data Recovery we certainly try our best and normally have a good success rate with clients to prove it. We can also supply you with brand new Hard Drives for your Desktop Computer, Laptop Computer or iMac as well as installation and transferring your files to your new Hard Drive.

Onsite Data Recovery Services Bundaberg

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