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What’s the difference between a “Glass” Repair & Digitizer Repair

So you may find that getting a quote for a mobile phone repair or tablet screen repair can be costly and depending on where you take your smashed device to get repaired they may carry out one of two types of repairs being either a Glass Screen Repair or a Digitizer repair. Typically screens are made up with 3 different types of materials being the “Glass” an “Electrical Grid” and the “LCD Display”. While this is for most devices it may not be the particular case for your device, Now some mobile phone and tablet repair shops can carry out just a “GLASS” screen replacement which involves heating up your broken screen to the point that they can run a piece of “Piano” or similar under the “Glass” as the glue that is used to bond the 3 materials together has become hot enough to expand.


They are required to ensure the Glass is at a high heat to ensure they don’t crack the “LCD Display”, This process can be risky as it only takes a small mistake to damaged the “LCD Display” and then it can turn into a costly repair to either the customer or the repair shop. Once the “Glass” has been successfully removed the next is to clean the “LCD Display” and ensure that it is still operating, Now depending on the mobile phone or tablet repair shop they may use chemical such as Pure Alcohol to remove the Glue Residue and small pieces of glass.


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Once this has been successful and the LCD display is still in working order it’s now time to either use a “LOCA” glue or an “OCA Film” to attach the new piece of GLASS to the old LCD Display once it’s attached it may require heating under a “UV Light” or being placed in a sealed tight capsule to remove all air bubbles. Once this has been done the repair process is completed it’s now just a matter of ensuring the screen is in working order and has no bubbles or defective spots. Now while not all mobile phone & tablet repair shops offer a “Glass” replacement some only offer a “Digitizer replacement” which is basically instead of the repair shop repairing your broken “Glass” they buy a complete digitizer from a supplier who has them made ready to go and so the mobile phone repair shop can simply replace the complete Digitizer which can normally be done in under an hour for the popular smartphone brand such as Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 plus.


We hope you’ve taken the time to read through this today and have learnt something about your mobile phone, And the next time you have a smashed or damaged screen it will allow you to better understand why the screen replacement can be affordable at times and expensive at other times. For affordable screen replacements for Mobile Phones, Tablets & Laptop screens contact us here at Bundaberg IT Solutions we offer quality screen replacements that won’t break the bank! Click here to be taken to our contact page to leave your details.