It’s Being Said Nintendo Have Sold More Copies Of Zelda For Nintendo Switch Than The Actual Device?

It’s come at no surprise that Zelda is topping the charts again with it being said in the United States Nintendo announced they sold 906,000 consoles in March, However even more surprising is that 925,000 sales of the popular Breath of Wild by The Legend of Zelda were recorded in that same month.While Nintendo’s Wii U console had recorded 460,000 sales of the game it has said to have grossed more than¬†1.3 million dollars in sales alone.

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Breath of Wild is now the fastest-selling Nintendo title of all time and also the fastest-selling Legend of Zelda game ever! Nintendo has said that it thinks the Switch attach rate of more than 1oo% may be because people who purchased a limited edition version to collect and a regular version to actually play. Another theory was that some purchased the game before they could actually find the console in stock.

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Nintendo is currently working consistently hard to ensure they can keep up with the demand for the Switch console, Nintendo said in a statement they were planning to ship more than 2 million switch consoles in March with plans to increase production plans for the current physical year to a staggering 16 million units! It’s being said Nintendo will be releasing its earnings in the next couple of weeks which will be sure to reinforce all of this information and popularity of the console.


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