Data Recovery Bundaberg asks have you ever thought of losing all your important files and documents because of a faulty hard disk or a broken storage device? Fret not, as Bundaberg IT Solutions can help you recover your lost and deleted data when that happens. With our up-to-date tools & software and our expert IT specialists, you can be sure that we can easily retrieve all your precious files and documents without sacrificing your security. Our range of services includes but not limited to:

  • Mobile phone data recovery
  • Data recovery from different storage devices (hard drives, flash drives, memory cards)
  • Recovery of deleted files
  • Recovery of corrupted files

Data recovery requires complete understanding of  the different file formats and its structures. Now days we are always advising customers to use Solid State Drives, or also known as SSD drives due to the fact that these drives are not only Fast but also more reliable and built to be stronger than a standard SATA or IDE drive. While we cannot guarantee that you still won’t lose your data or that the drives will fail, we can only try to minimize the risk of this occurring.

We stock a selection of Solid State Drives (SSD) here in Bundaberg, with brands such as Kingston, Samsung, Sandisk and more we are also able to order in a wide range of brands in solid state hard drives. We can also install, transfer and configure your existing system over to your new Solid State Drive (SSD) so this will ensure you don’t lose any of your existing files or programs and you can enjoy the speed of your new SSD drive instantly!

If you are unsure how data recovery is done, do not try to attempt it. Contact us thru our hotline on (07) 4154-3507 or via our mobile at 0435613748 and we’ll be happy to assist you. You can also book a schedule with us and we’ll head directly to your home. Choose Bundaberg IT Solutionsdata-recovery