Finding Computer Repairs Agnes Waters & 1770 can be difficult with a small coastal town with such great views to offer and friendly locals you’d be silly not to head to this place for the afternoon, weekend or to live!. But with so many of us that now rely on computers to run our daily life who can we get to fix them when they break! For some we depend on our computers to work properly for our business to run effectively.

Bundaberg It Solutions has researched this area greatly, Which is why we now expand our services in the Agnes Waters & 1770 areas. We bring to the area a dedicated business who wish to offer our outstanding repair services including but not limited to,

Computer Repairs

Repairs carried out to all makes and models of computers such as Acer, HP, Acer, Toshiba, MSI, Dell etc. We only use genuine parts when dealing with brand named computers to ensure your problems don’t reappear in the near future. Affordable prices in which we don’t overcharge you because of the travel or location you are in.

Remote & Telephone Support 

Being that we aren’t based in the Agnes Waters area and are around 1 hours drive, We also offer Remote Support as well as Telephone support. So when you are in need of FAST repairs we can get your computer or laptop fixed promptly. Our telephone support is also a great option because we all know that sometimes we just need a calm person on the phone who can talk to us and simply “remind” us on how to get that application to work or to enlarge font on the word document.