A Brief History of Bundaberg IT Solutions

 Welcome to My business, Bundaberg IT Solutions, as the name states I’m based in Bundaberg QLD Australia. We are a regional town which is located around 300 kilometers from nearest city being Brisbane. We have both a country and city feel about our town as we are known for a sweet product being SUGAR! While that being said, we are also the makers of the very best in rum being Bundaberg Rum!. We are situated a short drive to the beautiful beach side community of Bargara which hosts some beautiful beaches which are family friendly as well as a large selection of accomodation which is sure to suit all budget requirements.
Why did i start Bundaberg IT Solutions? i decided to start my own computer repair business when I was only 19, with virtually little tools i then begun repairing freiends mobile phones helping them out as there were only a handful of repair shops in town that handled mobile repairs. I went from fixing the odd one or two every couple of months to gradually one to two a month and the time got shorter and shorter. I have always had a great deal of repairing computers since I was around 9-10 years old pulling them apart, cleaning them out, reassembling them, replacing components etc. I was always testing out operating systems as at that stage it was only Windows Microsoft 95, 98, 2000, XP and the early stages of Vista at that time I loved seeing what Microsoft was developing.
I was never the type to sit on the computer for hours though, and play games, While I do enjoy playing the occasional game on them i mainly use computers for business use. I’ll always be thinking of new ways to improve the computer to run, or working on websites or marketing.

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